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Street contacts

Field work and assessment

Street contacts belong to the core activities of Tâmam. We aim to visit the streets at least once every two weeks to build a stable relationship of trust with the youth, to help them and support them. We make new contacts, but we also maintain existing contacts. We have known some of the youths for more than ten years, so most of them are (young) adults now.


With these outreaches we directly ‘plug in’ in the context of our clients. We do research about the wellbeing of our clients, their needs, on what threatens them and what is happening in their daily lives (grass-root level).


We empower and uplift them and invite them to our community centre. This field work also helps us to get a clear oversight and understanding of the community of homeless youth and families as a whole.


It takes time to establish a relationship with people who have learned not to trust anyone. The street youth sees lots of community and field workers come and go. We have been working on the streets since 1997. Our faces are familiar and we get to see and hear a lot. A number of youth sees us as their fathers and mothers. They trust us with their problems as well as their children’s problems.
The street visits enable us to find new comers. If a person is on the streets for longer than two weeks, the chances of them leaving the streets are small. When we meet a new person, we do our best to get him/her off the streets as soon as possible. This way we have been able to save a lot of children and youths from a life on the streets.