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Prison visits

Developmental work and reintegration


The street youths and families that we reach out to and get involved with, are familiar with all aspects of street life, including robbery, drug dealing and even murder. Many times we find out that one of ´our´ youth is in prison. On request we offer emotional support during their court cases and visit them in prison. We also assist and support their children to visit their fathers in order to strengthen their father-child relationships. We have learned that these visits mean a lot to them.







Since 2016 we focus more on therapeutic counselling to ‘our’ youth in prison, to individuals as well as to groups. These visits are very different from the normal follow up visits as described above, with further allowances.


In our team we have skilled and experienced social and spiritual workers. We co-work with Correctional Services in order to help with the rehabilitation process of our clients. We aim for seeing our clients on a weekly basis. We offer group therapy where we address issues like life skills training, drug addiction etc. These are according to the needs of the group members. We offer one-on-one counselling, dealing mainly with trauma cases. Both these programs are in a developmental phase, but show already positive effects on our clients.