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Developmental work, prevention and awareness

The community centre (known by our clients as “The Koffiekamer”) belongs to the core activities of Tâmam. It is a place in the City Business District opened once a week. In the community centre we offer a closed program.

We welcome our clients with – of course – coffee. We share a meal, sitting around the table like a family. For them it is a moment to relax from the surviving on the streets. They inform us about their ´well-being´ and difficulties experienced on the streets. We oversee and assist in basic hygiene and care.


The program offers the opportunity to do community work, group work and casework and to mentor them. We encourage a positive lifestyle that is acceptable in society. We encourage speaking the truth, not behaving violently but show respect towards other people and their properties.


We offer drugs, HIV/AIDS and healthy lifestyle awareness and occupational therapy and rehabilitation.


The intention of the community centre is to create a safe and inviting environment where our hardened street youth may learn that there is hope for them. A relationship of trust between workers and youth is the foundation to encourage them to break with their present way of life. The purpose is to incorporate small processes of change. We try to be an example for them and to let them learn about the way we behave towards each other and towards them.


Our clients consider the community centre as their home. We actively try to build a family structure. We make an effort in really getting to know the names and life stories of our clients. Our workers offer unconditional love, -acceptance, and -attention, encouragement, support, mentoring and counseling. Even though we cannot protect them on the streets, we aim for them to feel safe in the community centre.


The opening hours of the community centre are every Monday between 18H00 and 21H00. Would you like to assist in – for example – preparing meals or do the dishes, or would you like to talk with our clients? Please contact us