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Home visits

Reintegration and community work

Most of the street youth comes from broken families and has a background of (sexual) abuse, negligence and rejection.

In many cases the street youth still has a living relative; a parent, sister or uncle. In individual cases the relationship between them can be restored; our client can leave the streets and live with the relative. We do our best to support this process.


If the youth leaves the street we strive to keep up the contact, for we believe in relationships. If possible we will pay home visits. We will continue being supportive.


In many cases this is not realistic. The bridges have been burned. Our aim with these individuals is to try to see the relationships restored in another way. Even if it’s just to write a letter which allows our client to deal with the pain, anger and/ or loss of family. This enables the client to move on with his/ her live. We invite the client into our ‘family’.


Occasionally our street youths leave the streets to start over for themselves. Our twentyplus years of experience have taught us that it takes a long time to re-socialise. On all kinds of levels in life skills they need to learn as well as to unlearn a lot, such as: how to plan, how to budget, how to run a household, hygiene, norms and values, normal social behavior, how to behave in relationships, how to parent a child, etc. We offer them guidance and mentoring. ‘Home visits’ also create opportunities for one-on-one counselling sessions with our clients.