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What we do

Tâmam runs several programs in four categories: Street outreaches, Community centre, Follow up and Education and training. With these programs we directly ‘plug in’ in the context of our clients.


Our current activities are:

  • street contacts
  • community centre (a.k.a. the Koffiekamer)
  • prison counselling and mentoring (mostly Pollsmoor)
  • mentoring and support of former street youth building up a new life
  • support in contacts with the authorities, hospitals etc
  • arranging funerals when clients passed away
  • support of children of (former) street youth attending school
  • on the job learning (carpentry)


With this activities we work in the following areas:

  • field work
  • community work
  • developmental work (incl. counseling, group and case work, skills training)
  • prevention and early intervention (incl. drugs, HIV/AIDS and healthy lifestyle awareness)
  • reintegration
  • assessment