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Target groups

Target groups

  1. Homeless children, youth and families
  2. Former homeless children, youth and families
  3. Hard-core youth of the target groups under 1 and 2
  4. Other people in socio-cultural disadvantage


Our main focus is on the hardened street youth and families (youth and families at risk), which in general aren’t reached by government and NPO’s. They were failed and victimised by the social systems and decided to protect themselves while making a living on the streets. They are generally in conflict with the law and not socially accepted by society.



  1. Target groups are off the street and have a safe place to live (a ‘home’)
  2. Target groups can function as moral and social human beings. Reintegrate into society
  3. The target groups know and accept their responsibilities in society, for example as spouse, parent and / or employee
  4. Clients from target groups are reunited with their biological families


We believe that every human being has a self-worth. We believe that a person really finds his/her purpose when, in a relationship with family, he or she feels safe and loved and where his / her life has meaning. We help everyone within our target group who wants to be helped, regardless of their own values and beliefs. We allow our clients to be empowered and self-determined when it comes to their own well-being. In doing so we think and work holistically: health and well-being on a physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social level.


This includes:

  • rehabilitation from addictions and negative behavioral patterns
  • emotional and psychological healing
  • restoring self-worth and self-esteem
  • restoring relationships with family
  • acquiring knowledge, skills and behaviours that are necessary to function in society and maintain a healthy lifestyle (rehabilitation)
  • teaching values
  • stimulating gifts, talents and creativity
  • assistance in finding accommodation, education and employment