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About Us

Tâmam works relationship-based and holistically, with an emphasis on emotional restoration. The thread of our work is to stay actively present in the lives of our clients. Therefor our workers are our main resources.


We invite the street youth into ‘our family’ and also in the bigger family of God. We offer a support system to the destitute. We offer hope and growth, empowerment and trust. We don’t hand out food; we do however offer a weekly meal in our community center, the Koffiekamer, where we share lives having dinner together. We sometimes give physical or financial support, but always within an existing relationship in order to empower and uplift our clients in the best possible way. And without taking over their responsibility.


Tâmam believes in the clients ability to overcome their past brokenness and pain, to grow past the abandonment and rejection of a broken family structure and to make a success of their lives. With this unique approach we make a difference in the lives of our clients.

Tâmam Ministry consists of a board of management, one staff member and committed volunteers. We get support from our sister organisation Tamam Nederland for activities such as fundraising as well as practical support.


Both Tâmam Ministry and Tamam Nederland are volunteer based organisations. Our aim is to keep regular costs as low as possible, so that our workers are able to stay actively present in the lives of our clients. Our main costs are: the rent of our community center, transport costs (maintenance car, petrol) and office costs (computer, telephone, etc).


Since 2016 we employed a part-time social worker to improve the quality of our services and the sustainability and continuity of the organisation. Above all Tâmam is a volunteer based organisation. Our volunteers are trained and supervised by our social worker.