Tâmam is a non-profit organisation with Christian values, engaged in street children/ -youth and family ministry.


Cobus and Eleshia Martin have been working on the streets of Cape Town since 1997. In 2003 they founded Tâmam Ministry. In 2005 Tâmam was approved as a non-profit organisation.


What makes us unique is that Tâmam works relational with its clients. To play an active role in the lives of our clients, our workers are our most important assets. We are aware that working with street youth is a long journey. That is exactly why this job should be handled strategically and patiently.

Our core values are faith, truth, commitment, rendering good/ quality services, relationship, respect, individuality, non-discrimination, self-determination, restoration and reintegration, rehabilitation, empowerment and training. Because of our values we try to help every street youth that wants to be helped, regardless their beliefs or worldview.


Our aim is to reintegrate well-prepared men and women into society. They can make a difference by being a good and caring husband and father / wife and  mother, a good employee and a good citizen that takes up his or her responsibility. By doing so they will become a role model for the current street youth.