Sad news: Tâmam Ministry will stop. We served the homeless youth in the City of Cape Town for the past 22 years, since 2003 as Tamam Ministry.


We met them as young children. We were fortunate to journey with many of them over the years and were involved in their process of becoming grown-ups. After several months of consideration and seeking God’s face, we realised that this season has come to an end. The time has come for us and ‘our’ street youths to realise that they are no longer children who are in need of basic care and protection. They are capable of taking care and responsibility of themselves and – in some cases – their children. Although this is sad for us, it is also a blessing to be able to pass on to them the key of adulthood.


We did our work with great dedication. Over the years we did see small and bigger results. We have seen how God works through His Spirit in and through people.

Sometimes a door was closed. But other closed doors were opened. We have seen broken people florish. We are convident that God will not abandon the youths on the streets of Capetown (Psalm 27:10). We may hand them over, in His hands.